Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gale's Root Beer

Brandon: Weird flavor. Very strong ginger flavor. Interesting, but not what I want in a root beer... Other people might like it more, since it's classier than most.
Overall Rating: 6

Alexis: Not fizzy enough for me, but I really like the ginger flavor. It's really cinnamony, gingery, vanilla-y, and seems like a good drink for winter/fall.
Overall Rating: 7

Average Rating: 8

High Mountain Huckleberry

Brandon: Fruity and well rounded. Very tasty, though perhaps a bit more sugary than most sodas. This has a very unique and fun flavor that perhaps compares to blackberry sodas.
Overall Rating: 7.0

Alexis: Kind of weird because it doesn't taste like real berry, artificial kind of flavor. A little too sweet even for me but I like how fizzy it is.
Overall Rating: 6

Average Rating:8

Empire Spruce Beer

Brandon: This is not a good drink. In fact, it's so bad that we use it as a basis for 0 on our scale. As soon as I drank a sip of this, I felt as though I had somehow fallen victim to a schoolyard prank, and a handful of blended pine needles were in my mouth. It was beyond unpleasant. After tasting it, even the smell became a bad reminder of some sort of terrible pine cone taste. Perhaps someone out there know some secret to why this is made. Is it an acquired taste? Is it actually for birds? Some sort of joke?
Overall Rating: 0

Alexis: Gross! What is this? It's hilarious. It has such a strong pine flavor that it does feel like you're eating some kind of kitchen cleaner, and the pine-needle flavor penetrates so much that you can feel the minty in your nose. I wonder about this drink. Did someone forget to taste their product? Is it really edible? I feel a little bad for our poor spruce beer, but we poured it down the sink.
Overall Rating: 0

Average Rating: 0

Berghoff Famous Rootbeer

Brandon: Very creamy, delicious flavor. Almost like cream soda. I feel compelled to immediately drink the whole bottle, and more if I had it. My only complaint is a lack of fizz, it's a little flat. Though there's always the chance this one bottle was just not sealed well enough.
Overall Rating: 8.5

Alexis: Tastes sort of like a cream soda mixed with root beer. It's yummy, but I think I prefer root beers less creamy and with a stronger sassafras flavor. And I agree that it's a little flat tasting. Overall good but not my favorite.
Overall Rating: 7

Average Rating:7.75

Friday, October 15, 2010

Boston Tower Root Beer

Alexis: Tastes very herby, but the ingredients aren't particularly unique: sugar, natural & artificial ingredients, and caramel. Tastes slightly artificial. I normally like the old fashioned/herby types of root beer, but this one is slightly weirder. Not a creamy root beer (I like either).

Overall Rating: 6

Brandon: Has a fizzy flavor, but a weird aftertaste. Nice blend of tastes. Rooty and old-fashioned flavor.
Overall Rating: 6.5

Average Rating: 6.25

Margo's Bark Root Beer

Brandon: It's a good root beer. Tastes like wood, but in a good way. Maybe wintergreen? Also helps shelter dogs! I guess it's like Barqs without the caffeine, and better.
Overall Score: 7

Alexis: Old fashiony! not super bubbly. Kind of balanced. I like that it helps shelter dogs! Multi-dog-head graphic design! Woodsman flavor. Not very creamy. Rooty flavor-- Can taste the clove, and another of its ingredients is yucca.
Overall Score: 7

Average Score: 7