Sunday, January 2, 2011

Empire Spruce Beer

Brandon: This is not a good drink. In fact, it's so bad that we use it as a basis for 0 on our scale. As soon as I drank a sip of this, I felt as though I had somehow fallen victim to a schoolyard prank, and a handful of blended pine needles were in my mouth. It was beyond unpleasant. After tasting it, even the smell became a bad reminder of some sort of terrible pine cone taste. Perhaps someone out there know some secret to why this is made. Is it an acquired taste? Is it actually for birds? Some sort of joke?
Overall Rating: 0

Alexis: Gross! What is this? It's hilarious. It has such a strong pine flavor that it does feel like you're eating some kind of kitchen cleaner, and the pine-needle flavor penetrates so much that you can feel the minty in your nose. I wonder about this drink. Did someone forget to taste their product? Is it really edible? I feel a little bad for our poor spruce beer, but we poured it down the sink.
Overall Rating: 0

Average Rating: 0

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  1. It was only a mediocre soda in a wierd way. It tastes really funky. I give it a 68 out of 100. It does taste and smell like Pine Sol.